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(1) Approach to the Protection of Personal Information

Kobe Steel Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kobe Steel") and each of its group companies (Kobe Steel and such group companies are hereinafter collectively referred to as "KOBELCO Group") recognizes that it is important to protect the personal information of all individuals who provide personal information to us, including customers and business partners (hereinafter referred to as the "Principal"), and in order to fulfill this responsibility, we will handle personal information in accordance with the following policies.

(2) Utilization Purposes of Personal Information

Each of us, KOBELCO Group companies will acquire and use personal information to the extent required for the specific purposes, such as business communications and responses to the relevant inquiries. For further details regarding the purposes, please contact each of KOBELCO Group companies to which you provided your personal information.

(3) Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

We, KOBELCO Group will not disclose or provide personal data, etc. (including non-identifiable person-related information) to any third party except for the cases in which we provide personal data to Trustees or the cases falling under any of the following:

(4) Joint Utilization

We, KOBELCO Group may jointly use the acquired personal information among us as follows:

Categories of jointly utilized personal information Information related to name, affiliation (name of company, department, title, etc.), business contact information such as address of the place of work or similar, telephone number, FAX number and e-mail address and other information related to the Principal obtained through business interactions.
Scope of jointly utilizing persons KOBELCO Group
Utilization purposes for the utilizing persons Purposes described in “(2) Utilization Purposes of Personal Information” above
Person responsible for controlling the jointly utilized personal information Kobe Steel, Ltd.
The address can be found here.
The name of the representative can be found here.

(5)Request from the Principal for Notice of Utilization Purpose, Disclosure, Correction, Addition, Deletion, Cessation of Utilization, Erasure, or Cessation of a Third-Party Provision

(6) Security Control Measures

KOBELCO Group has taken the following security control measures regarding personal information:

Formulation of a basic policy In order to ensure the proper handling of personal information, we have established this “KOBELCO Group Privacy Policy”.
Development of disciplines regarding the handling of personal data We develop and put into practice internal rules, manuals, etc. regarding the handling of personal information.
Systematic security control measures We establish responsible persons for the handling of personal information, and conduct management of ledgers for, and audits regarding, personal information.
Human security control measures We regularly train employees on matters of concern regarding the handling of personal information.
Physical security control measures We conduct access control for our buildings and floors, keep the documents under lock and key, and impose restrictions on taking out of electronic media, etc.
Technical security control measures We impose restrictions on the use of, and conduct access control over, external recording media, and take measures to prevent unauthorized access from outside sources, etc.
Understanding of the external environment We conduct a research on systems regarding protection of personal information in the countries and regions where personal information is stored, and conduct security control measures, etc.

(7) Others

(8) Inquiry

Any requests concerning personal data retained by KOBELCO Group as set forth in Article (5) above or any other inquiries concerning the handling of the personal information should be directed to the department of individual KOBELCO Group companies to which you provided your personal information. If you are not sure where to contact, please contact the specified contact point of Kobe Steel.

Last updated: April 1, 2023

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